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SRW Security & Protection, LLC specializes in personal protection, site security and consulting services. With SRW's vast network of highly knowledgeable subject matter experts we are able to provide high quality concierge style of services for even the most discerning clients. 


Our mission is to provide unmatched private security and protection services, safeguarding our clients' lives, assets, and peace of mind. With a relentless focus on proactive risk mitigation, responsive crisis management, and personalized solutions, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of our clients, maintaining their trust, and delivering unparalleled security services tailored to their unique needs.


SRW Security & Protection, LLC surpasses standard private security offerings by providing an unparalleled concierge level of personalized service. We recognize that each client is unique, requiring a tailored approach to protection rather than a one-size-fits-all model. Drawing upon my extensive experience in the security field, I have assembled a team of highly skilled professionals who have received comprehensive training from reputable agencies. With a deep understanding of the significance of top-level security in any scenario, our team is prepared for every task, managing projects with the utmost expertise and proficiency. We prioritize customer satisfaction, maintaining open lines of communication throughout the duration of each project to ensure our clients' needs are met and exceeded.


Attention to Detail

Our primary focus is to provide physical protection services, ensuring the safety of our clients in potentially dangerous situations. Whether it involves safeguarding clients within their residences, facilitating secure transportation to various destinations, or conducting advance site reconnaissance, our top priority is to keep you and your loved ones out of harm's way.

Expert Service

We are dedicated to accomplishing the task at hand, particularly when it pertains to this specific service. You can rely on us to demonstrate unwavering professionalism, punctuality, and efficiency, ensuring your complete satisfaction throughout the entire process.

Always Prepared

Weddings and special events often present a multitude of unique and unforeseen challenges. At SRW, we are here to provide assistance and help alleviate any potential obstacles that may arise, allowing you to fully concentrate on enjoying your special day or event.

Experienced, Discrete, Professional

At SRW, our unwavering commitment is to deliver results. We guarantee professionalism, timeliness, and efficiency, ensuring your utmost satisfaction at every stage of our service.

Education and Training 

In today's ever-changing world, being prepared is crucial. At SRW, we are here to assist you in staying informed and educated, offering essential information that will help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Consultation, Assessment, Peace of Mind

Whether it's a private residence, business, school, or house of worship, SRW conducts comprehensive assessments to identify and address any potential security vulnerabilities that may exist.

Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness.

SRW is a dedicated team committed to safeguarding individuals, assets, and organizations. We provide a concierge-style approach to security, offering customized services and tools that instill confidence, preparedness, and well-being in each client. Our specialized and highly trained agents possess expertise, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, delivering comprehensive security solutions tailored to individual needs. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and industry-leading practices, our personnel ensure the highest level of protection and peace of mind. Through proactive risk assessment, threat prevention, crisis management, and training, we create secure environments. By prioritizing client satisfaction, trust, and integrity, we foster enduring relationships and continually surpass expectations, setting new standards in private protection and security.

If you’re a current or retired Law Enforcement or have a career in Security and would be interested in possible job opportunities at SRW Security & Protection, LLC, please forward us your resume, and reach out with any questions. 

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